Tested in Canada - The Gatekeepers of Mass Production


Are your goods produced outside of Canada or the US?

Do you need to

  • Protect and grow your sales?
  • Increase your competitive advantage?
  • Improve your margins?

If you answered "Yes" to one or more of the questions above, you need our logo on your products.

Who are we?

Tested In Canada Incorporated is the test solutions provider for consumer products. We are the gatekeepers of mass production, making sure that our client's products will reach the shelves within specs.

  • We increase our customer's competitive advantage!
  • We increase the margin of our client's profit!
  • We protect our customer's name!
  • We are the gatekeepers of mass production!
  • We do things right the first time!

Our Logo Tested in Canada product logo will provide your product the advantage of implied quality and credibility. Any customer seeing our logo will know that a professional Canadian was involved in the quality assurance process. Tested In Canada solutions can also include an exclusive service to customers, ensuring their competitive advantage.

The test solutions we offer are suitable for large shipments or inventory of consumer products, as well as branded products. Our unique sampling, sample-preparation and test methods enable us to check large shipments or batches of product in a fast and cost-effective way. Our product testing includes:

  • Toxicity
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Functionality
  • Durability
  • Special specs and requirements

We provide solutions that cover all the aspects of mass production product testing. Each type of service has a different business model, which is described in the dedicated pages in this site.

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